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The 1.5 handicap is one of the most popular handicaps among online bookmakers today. This is a type of side bet in Asian markets. So what is the 1.5 handicap and how do I make an effective bet? The answer will be revealed by the live bets dealer in the detailed article below.

                                 What is a 1.5 handicap?

Handicap 1.5 is also known to players by another name, such as 1-1/5 or one and a half left, and is one of the handicaps available in Asian handicaps.

a wager in which the winning team (the stronger team) accepts 1.5 balls from the losing team (the weaker team).In other words, before the game starts, the bottom team will lead by 1.5 balls over the top team.

This bet only appears when, in the match, there are 2 teams that are too different in capacity, performance, and order on the rankings. Odds will be given by the house on the odds table, and depending on each different bookmaker, the odds will also be different.

 Instructions on how to read the 1.5 handicap when betting on football

Choose a reputable bookmaker to join and access the house’s homepage with your online playing account. For newcomers who do not already have an online account, please click on the account registration button to create your personal playing account by entering all of the required information.sign successfully.

After accessing the home page, players choose the match they want to place their bets on. Players will bet on the team with the upper hand, handicapping the underdog by 1.5 left or bet on the bottom team to win with the desired bet and odds available on the scoreboard.

If the top team has a total goal difference of at least 2 goals, it wins the bet and gets enough money. The lower door loses the bet and loses enough money.

If the top team scores 1 goal, the 2 teams tie, or the bottom team wins, the bottom team wins the bet and gets all the money. The upper hand loses the bet and loses enough money.

At the end of the match, players only need to monitor the progress of the match and wait for the final result to know how many goals the top team has scored, regardless of whether the two teams win or lose.

If your bet selection is correct, the player wins the bet and receives the corresponding bonus, and if your bet selection is incorrect, the player loses the bet and loses the original bet.

Winnings = bet amount x Odds odds

                      Accurate 1.5 handicap betting experience

When the two teams have a clear difference, and the top team has a strong attack, they should choose to bet on the upper hand.

If the top team has held the odds for a long time, this time you should choose to bet on the bottom team.

Priority should be given to the team with the home field advantage, even if it is the bottom door team versus the upper door team with a moderately strong offense.If the home team is the top team, then prioritize the top team.

Considering the attack of the two teams, if the team has a stronger attack than the defense, it is advisable to bet on that team.

When a match has a handicap of 1.5, players prefer to bet on the home team because their chances of scoring at least two goals are quite high.

Need to know how to manage and use your capital effectively, and when it is the right time to put money in and when to stop.

Stay calm and decisive in all possible situations to ensure that you always make the right and most appropriate choices.


To be able to play the 1.5 handicap effectively, players need to have the necessary experience to accurately predict the odds and increase their own probability of winning. Above is the information we have gathered based on many different factors and hope will help you, especially new players.

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