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HealthWhat Can Botox Do?

What Can Botox Do?

If you don’t know a lot about Botox, you’re not alone – most people only have a vague idea about what it does and how it does it. They’ll know you can get Botox injections and that they are used to create a more youthful appearance by reducing lines and wrinkles in the face. They might even know that this is done by paralyzing the muscles. However, what they may not know is all the other things that Botox can do, and it is these things that might actually benefit them. If you’re curious about Botox’s other benefits, read for more information.

Manage Acne

Acne is a problem that most people are able to leave behind when they grow out of their teenage years, but this is not always the case. Adult acne is a serious issue for those who suffer from it, and it can definitely be detrimental to self-esteem.

You can try various treatments if acne is an issue for you, but one you might not have thought of is Botox. When carried out at a specialist clinic like Dermani Medspa, the results of Botox can be very positive. This is because Botox can reduce the amount of oil your skin produces, and this leads to fewer breakouts. Although it can’t ‘cure’ adult acne completely (you would need huge doses for that, and therefore it is not possible), it can reduce the appearance of pimples on the face and other areas of the body to a point where the acne is more manageable.

Soften Your Jawline

Some people have a habit of grinding their teeth, and this can be something they’re not even aware of because it happens when they are sleeping. The problem is that over time, this habit can damage the teeth, of course, but also the jaw. It can cause you to have a more pronounced jawline that looks far wider than you might comfortably want or expect.

If you are having trouble stopping the initial teeth-grinding habit (and it’s a good idea to get help for this if it’s an issue), you might consider Botox to help soften your jawline and make your face seem more in proportion. Although this won’t deal with the underlying problem, it will help boost your confidence in the way you look.

Stop Migraines

Although research is still going on to determine how Botox injections can help alleviate migraines, the good news is we know that’s exactly what they do. The main theory right now is that Botox stops the pain signals sent to your brain. On top of this, the muscles in your head and possibly neck are more relaxed through Botox, which can relieve the pressure that builds up and might be responsible for the migraine.

If you suffer from migraines and want to try something that will offer relief, it could be that Botox is the right option. Of course, it’s best to speak to your medical professional to go through all the pros and cons, but studies seem to suggest that it’s a good idea.

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