Understanding the Relation between Positivity and Overall Well-being

What if you suddenly learned that you could live longer simply by smiling more often? Surprised? That is just one of the astonishing effects a positive perspective on life has on you. Numerous studies have found a relationship between optimism and its effects on mental and physical health.

Positive thinkers are less stressed and are also healthier.

But this does not mean you turn a blind eye to the facts and force yourself to live in a delusion of happiness. Instead, don’t let the negative thoughts and emotions overwhelm you. And you approach stressful situations or bad news differently when you have a positive attitude.

Dealing with Negativity

That is not to say that you can stay happy and joyous all the time. It is natural to feel anxious or down sometimes. The effects of negativity on human emotions and mood are not surreal. Negative thoughts can lead to a bad mood, decreased productivity, difficulty socializing, and much more. Hence, it would help if you faced challenging times with a clear mind.

Do not let negative thoughts cloud your judgment. Find healthy ways to channel your negative thoughts. Start exercising, go for a walk, and try a new hobby. Another way to stay positive in difficult times is by reaching out to friends and family for support. And if you still feel negativity driving you down and starting to affect your everyday life, get professional help.

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Stress Relief

Perhaps the most apparent benefit of positivity is better to manage stress effectively. A positive attitude helps one better cope with stressful situations and leads to more efficient solutions. People with positive attitudes take the initiative and work to resolve issues, which yields favorable results.

On the contrary, a pessimist would keep complaining about the problem and never do anything to improve the situation.

Longer Lifespan

Although the exact mechanism is unknown, the research found that people with a positive mindset outlived those with a negative one. People with a positive attitude were at a lower risk of cardiovascular problems. Studies also found a better outcome for several conditions, including stroke and brain tumor.

Increased Immunity

Another study proves that mental health directly relates to physical well-being. An investigation determined that people with a positive spirit responded better to a flu vaccine than their counterparts. This led to the understanding that people with a more positive attitude had a stronger Immune system and were less likely to get sick.

Changes in Your Brain

Every thought somehow triggers a cortisol decrease and serotonin increase when you think positively

It gives rise to a feeling of optimism and well-being. You feel happier and calmer while your anxiety levels go down.

When you think positively, brain growth occurs. This occurs by reinforcing and regeneration of new synapses at the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex acts as a switching station to regulate neuronal signals. It is where all of the functions of the brain conjugate and then are sent to different body parts. This, in turn, helps you self-reflect and helps you with metacognition.

Improved Well-being

Positivity leads to a healthier lifestyle. It leads to better stress management, which further leads to a decreased incidence of depression and a sense of improved well-being. People with a positive outlook also have better psychological health. They have better problem-solving skills and therefore are a delight to be around.

Better Social life

When you are positive, helping others becomes part of your nature. Sharing and giving will become necessary, and you’ll have a burning desire to be generous.

You will be surrounded by more friends, and everyone will want to spend more time with you.

How To Be Positive?

You have seen the fantastic effects of positive thinking on your overall life. But how exactly does one be positive? Well, do not fret. We have compiled the ultimate positivity guide for you right here!

Smile more often

Studies have proven that smiling, and even a pretentious smile, can lead to a lower heart rate and blood pressure in stressful situations. This results in a calm mind that is better able to make rational decisions.

Next time you are in a stressful situation, step aside to regain your composure. Watch your favorite comedian or a funny cat video. Decisions made with a negative mindset are bound to lead to unfavorable outcomes.

Practice Reframing

Next time you face a tough situation, try looking at it from a different perspective. Try to find the best in every situation. Remember, the same situation will appear different depending on how you look at it. It is up to you to decide whether the glass is half full or half empty.

Believe that the glass is half full, and you will feel satisfied and pleased with yourself. If you decide the glass is empty, you will never be grateful for what life offers. You will always be left wanting more.

Build Resiliency

It is no secret that you will face hardships from time to time. But how you choose to respond to these situations is what decides the outcome. Resiliency refers to your ability to adapt to these stressful or negative situations.

Maintain good relationships with your family and friends and reach out to them for support in difficult times. And sometimes, you have to accept that change is just a part of life. Go ahead and take action rather than fuss over the problem. Because at the end of the day, fussing cannot make the problem go away

Count Your Blessings

Whenever you feel negative emotions creeping up, sit down and think of all the good in your life. Go ahead and write down things you are grateful for. That way, whenever you feel down, you can remind yourself of all the good things. People who kept gratitude journals were happier and more optimistic.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

“You are who you surround yourself with.” Surround yourself with people who will support you in tough times and uplift you. If you surround yourself with people with a negative attitude, eventually, it will rub off on you. So, it would help if you started spending less time with negative attitudes.

Surrounding yourself with positive people will change your attitude. Not only will you accomplish more, but you will also make more friends and have healthier relationships. You will be consistently happier.


Sometimes you have to accept that not all situations will end well. Sometimes there is no silver lining. But that does not mean that you get discouraged and lose hope. A positive thinker will look at the situation differently. An optimist will learn from even the worst experiences and use that knowledge to handle a similar situation better next time.

It takes effort to find the positive in every situation. But after willfully embracing a positive attitude, you will feel more encouraged. The power rests in your hands.

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