Is Wearing Poker Sunglasses Good for Masking Facial Expressions in a Game?

Your facial expressions in a poker game can betray you and reveal the card you might be holding to your opponents. Keeping a poker face is important if you want to catch the other players by surprise. It is hard to control facial expressions, yet some experienced players have mastered reading even the slightest expressions that you make. Some players wear poker sunglasses to hide their facial expressions. 

Why poker players wear sunglasses

The experience of playing poker in a real money casino online is different from playing in a land-based casino. In a traditional casino, you play in the company of several other players. Your eyes’ expressions can betray you, and you lose a chance to win. Poker sunglasses are worn to hide your eyes from revealing the card that you hold. You can also wear them to give you a better opportunity to look into the eyes of your opponent. It might feel comfortable if you are consistently looking at the other person’s eyes in a poker game. 

With poker sunglasses, you will observe their facial expressions, and they will not know it. You may wear them to help you feel confident when playing poker games. Your confidence can get eroded if you know there are players keenly observing your eyes expressions. You can fool them that you are confident in the game by wearing glasses. Lack of confidence is common even in other types of games, such as popular slot games. You need to learn how to build your confidence in any type of casino game by learning the tricks and strategies well. 

Should players wear poker sunglasses or not?

To wear or not to wear sunglasses in a poker game is an individual’s decision but not a rule. In reality, facial expressions do not reveal emotions because your emotions are hidden deep in your heart. The main reason for wearing sunglasses is to hide your eyes. There are no rules that hinder you from wearing them, but you will indeed make other players uncomfortable. Specific poker players may create a rule among themselves that restricts the wearing of sunglasses. However, if you are playing in the casino facility, this type of rule cannot apply. 

Are there disadvantages to wearing poker sunglasses?

Poker sunglasses have disadvantages and can make you regret your actions. You might become overconfident and make the wrong moves at the most sensitive time. Sunglasses do not hide your entire face but only the eyes. Unfortunately, your facial expressions can be revealed on your entire face. Another player might still be able to read expressions on your upper face, middle, or lower face and guess the card you might be holding. 

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