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LifestyleAre Wheelchair-Friendly Cars Expensive?

Are Wheelchair-Friendly Cars Expensive?

Deciding to buy a car of any type is a big decision for most people, regardless of whether the car is new or used. The expense of buying a car and all that comes along with it such as maintenance, fuel, and insurance can be off-putting to some, but the convenience and benefits are so numerous that many people eventually come round to the idea. In particular, wheelchair users can benefit significantly from the use of a vehicle that has been adapted to accommodate their chair.

What Kinds of Wheelchair-Friendly Cars Are There?

Just as mobility issues affect people in different ways, there are different kinds of wheelchair-friendly cars on the market. If you are a wheelchair user and a driver, you are most likely already familiar with vehicles with adapted controls that make the driving experience safer and more comfortable with restricted mobility.

There are also wheelchair-friendly cars that are designed so that wheelchair users can be comfortable passengers with another person as the driver. The sizes and features all depend on the manufacturer and the methods of adjustment that have been used to make the vehicle more accessible.

Who Should Use a Wheelchair-Friendly Car?

There are some cases where a wheelchair-friendly car is clearly the best option in the circumstances. For example, people with mobility issues who live in rural or otherwise distant locations can benefit from the social connection a car offers. People who live with or care for someone who uses a wheelchair could also find that having a wheelchair-friendly car makes everyday tasks much easier. Different companies and institutions, such as schools, can improve their inclusivity by using wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs).

Is a Wheelchair-Friendly Car Right for You?

There are already so many expenses for people with disabilities that the thought of spending more for a wheelchair-friendly car might be beyond what you are willing to do. However, a wheelchair-friendly car doesn’t need to be expensive if you shop around and know what you want from it. Look for a used WAV dealer to find the right car for you at a fair price. You can also buy new adapted vehicles, but these will cost more, so make sure your budget fits.

What Are the Alternatives to a Wheelchair-Friendly Car?

Of course, not every wheelchair user has a car that can accommodate their chair or someone who can drive it on their behalf. The alternatives are either expensive or inconvenient. Calling for a taxi service that has wheelchair access can quickly make costs add up, and using public transport is often fraught with obstacles such as frequent delays. This is why opting for a wheelchair-friendly car is usually the best choice for both price and convenience.

While any car is likely to take a chunk out of your finances at first, investing in a wheelchair-friendly vehicle can make life so much more convenient and eliminate further costs down the line, such as public transport or taxi services. The comfort and ease they offer are unmatched and you don’t always need to pay a hefty price to find the right car for you.

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